Explore the 2018 Ford Fiesta

When you’re in the market for your next new car, what types of features do you look for? Our team here at Bill Estes Ford understand how important it is to find the right set of features and invite you to take a look at the 2018 Ford Fiesta.

The MyKey feature on this popular subcompact car is designed with multiple drivers in mind. Do you happen to have a new driver? You can customize settings such as speed limits and audio volume to minimize distractions while on the go.

Standard on each Ford Fiesta is a rear view…

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The New Ford Fiesta ST and Unique Performance Features

The all-new Fiesta ST is the performance hatchback that has been getting a lot of attention in recent months. Here are a few performance features in the Fiesta ST drivers are raving about.

If you have ever driven a vehicle with a manual transmission up a steep hill, then you have also had the car roll back when you jumped from brake to gas. The Hill Start Assist feature in the Fiesta ST eliminates that concern, as the system holds the brakes a few seconds in between the brake and gas to eliminate rolling back.

One unique performance feature of…
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Ford Explorer Performance Features

Have you seen the new Ford Explorer? Everything is new for the engine with a variety of different trims and upgrades that let you customize power and fuel economy. The new Ford Explorer also received an update in driver safety features, diagnostics, alerts, and suspension system, giving you the ability to drive with the most reliability on any terrain.

The base trim provides a powerful V6 and 3.5-liter engine. You can upgrade that to the 4WD Platinum edition that provides a twin turbo 3.5-liter V6 engine. The most fuel economic model of the bunch is the...


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The New Ford C-Max Has Plenty of Exciting Interior Features

The C-Max is a highly versatile compact hybrid vehicle that has plenty of new interior features. This includes a class-exclusive compartment storage area that is found underneath the second-row seating area. Use this hidden storage area underneath your foot to store personal items and electronics such as laptops, phones, and cords.

Another cool new feature in the 2018 Ford C-Max is the ability to open the trunk of your vehicle without using your hands. Simply kick your feet lightly under the bumper of the car. It will then automatically open up...
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The High-Power Capabilities of the Ford F-150 Pickup

When you're in the market for a pickup, finding a truck with the right towing and hauling capabilities is essential. The Ford F-150 is a popular full-size pickup truck because its payload and tow ratings are best-in-class.

To increase payload, Ford engineers decreased the weight of the truck's chassis. They did this by constructing it out of high-strength aluminum alloy, a material that's durable, dependable, and able to tow just about anything. The Ford F-150 is also equipped with features that make towing and hauling even easier....

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Productivity Features In The 2018 Ford Super Duty Pickup

Some things are easier said than done. So, let's talk about the ease of using the useful productivity features in the highly popular heavy-duty 2018 Ford Super Duty pickup truck. It's time to make the hard jobs a whole lot easier with a strong pickup with many upgraded technology features that increases productivity.

This vehicle has seven available cameras that include the tailgate and rear trailer cameras capable of panning 180/360-degrees along with guidance assistance technology. The rear seat storage space and flat load floor is capable of carrying heavy cargo for those demanding 

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Why the Ford Fusion's Design Is So Special

Ford released the Fusion to compete in the mid-size sedan market, and so far, this car is quite popular. One of the many reasons that people love this car is because of its design. Certain trim levels offer unique features that help your Fusion stand out from the crowd.

Make sure you can see clearly—and that others can see you clearly—with LED headlamps. These headlamps provide superior lighting over halogen bulbs, and they use less energy. These LED headlights are available on the Titanium, Platinum and V6 Sport packages. The new Ford Fusion also features a rotary gearshift…

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What are Some Performance Features Offered With the 2018 Ford C-Max?

The Ford C-Max is an ideal vehicle because it offers more interior space than other compact hybrids. In addition, the C-Max also comes equipped with numerous performance features that rank among the top compact hybrids on the market. Here are a few performance features that come with the new model.

The C-Max comes with Brake Coach and a Regenerative Braking System. Brake Coach works by coaching you to apply the brakes so the maximum amount of energy is returned to the engine. In addition, the Regenerative Braking system also recovers lost energy from braking or coasting and restores...

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Smart Technology: Ford Taurus

Interested in purchasing one of the most popular full-size sedans on the market today, then come check out the all-new Ford Taurus. The Ford Taurus comes equipped with great features including the two listed below:
  • Push-Button Start- The Ford Taurus comes with Intelligent Access and starts with the push of a button. As long as the driver has the key fob on them in their pocket or purse they can start the vehicle by simply pushing a button.
  • MyKey- The Ford Taurus comes with an available MyKey feature that allows the owner to set limits on speed and audio volume…
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The Ford Explorer: Your New Dream Car

SUVs are great cars; they can fit many people and have a lot of storage space. If you're looking for a new SUV, look no further. Here at Bill Estes Ford, we have many new Ford Explorer models. This is a perfect car for anyone looking for a new SUV.

While the new Explorer is a large car, it is not as big as the Ford Expedition. This car is the perfect size, not too big or small. The Ford Explorer has three different engine options to choose from so you can get exactly what you need. The car…
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